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Here’s what some of our Camino, CA customers are saying about us:

This place goes above and beyond! Johnathan passed us on the freeway and made a u-turn to come back to see if we needed help. We didn't have any cell service and if it hadn't been for him we might still be on the side of the road. He towed our broken truck and trailer and the next morning he and his Dad Wayne repaired it. Super nice people, enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of them at the shop. You can't go wrong with this outfit, I highly recommend them!

Nancy FranziM & M Auto Body & Towing Customer Review

came and towed me from tahoe to lodi,ca when no one else would do the job ....twice! thanx mike! I give em props!

steven larsonGoogle Review

M & M saved the day! Thursday we were driving up to South Lake Tahoe for a basketball tournament. It was just myself and my 2 kids. Just after Twin Bridges on HWY 50 my car overheated. I called AAA and they assured me that someone from South Lake Tahoe would come for us. After 3 hours and several apologies from AAA, M & M showed up. The AAA tow trucks from South Lake Tahoe (10 miles away) were "Too Busy" to come help up. Mind you we were on the HWY. M & M (I wish I knew the gentleman's name) came and told up to hop up in the cab....The AC was on. He loaded us up and brought us to our destination. Along the way he was so friendly, funny, but most of all professional. He made a crappy day turn into a memorable one. He went out of his way to help us from Camino (30 miles away). I will forever be grateful. Thank you!

Corryn DegelabertM & M Auto Body & Towing Customer Review

5 Stars!

Shelly MorrisGoogle Review

We got stuck on Route 50 in the middle of the biggest storm of the season and I'm not sure we would have made it without M&M Towing, specifically without our tow driver John. Apart from his professional and kind demeanor, he got us safely over the pass in blizzard conditions and helped out various others along the way. I cannot recommend this tow company enough should you ever be stuck on route 50, or anywhere else for that matter. Thank you for getting us to Tahoe safe and sound!

Eliza McGowenGoogle Review

5 Stars!

frankie vargasGoogle Review

Friendly, kind, trustworthy, honorable people. I'm a father, far away, with a 20 year old college daughter and her friends in Tahoe for a ski weekend. She leaves early to beat a snowstorm back to the Bay Area in her hatchback and has a flat tire in the rain on a deserted part of the road. Roads are closing uphill behind her. Our insurance company "free" towing truck turns around, and no one else seems willing to go up the mountain. Wayne and Johnathan at M&M promise to go out, fight the the significant traffic jam/closing roads, and worsening weather, and bring her and her friends not only down, but go a few extra miles to the only place open that has her hatchback's size tires. They did exactly that. Afterward she called them angels, and my wife and I agree. Like I said at the beginning, friendly, kind, trustworthy and honorable people. Can't say enough good things about how they took care of my daughter and her friends today.

Richard BlaineGoogle Review

I have dealt with these guys on more than 1 occasion.THEY ROCK! They are always there when I call to be towed or even when I had a dead battery. They are very knowledgeable about the insurance company's ever changing ,make it up as they go policy's! Which made the process pretty painless.THANK YOU W/ALL MY <3! Keep up the good work...............

Renae FosterGoogle Review

We can't recommend M & M Auto Body and Towing enough! We unfortunately hit a deer in the proverbial middle of nowhere and pretty far away from our home in Grass Valley. The first car to pass by happened to be a tow truck from M & M Auto Body. Jon turned around and had our car hooked up in record time. Since we couldn't just pop on over to a rental car agency, he towed us to the nearest town, Cool. Wayne the owner of M & M, left his shop in Camino to meet us in Cool and then drive us all the way home to Grass Valley! Once we were taken care of, Jon towed our car to M & M. Through the following weeks, we worked with Jeremy, their service manager. He was great to work with and he dealt well with our insurance company. We are happy with the work done on our car and even happier with the consideration M & M provided us.

Nor Cal Guitar SupplyGoogle Review

My friends and I were away for the weekend at Leoni Meadows (retreat center). When it came time to get in the car to go home, my car (Prius) would not start and was completely dead except for very dim overhead lights. We tried to jump start the car (front battery) with no response at all. Fortunately, I have roadside assistance through our auto insurance (State Farm). They sent M&M Towing out, told us they would be there within 1 hour. I was nervous because we were in a semi-remote area, I wasn't sure if the tow truck would be able to find us. M&M Towing showed up well within the provided time frame. Instead of hooking my car up to be towed, he tried to solve my problem another way first. He suggested we take a look at the car's back battery. This was easier said than done as we could not open the trunk since it's power lock only. We had to crawl in through the back seat. When we finally got to it, the battery looked just like a regular car battery so we tried to jump start it, and it worked! Thank you to M&M Towing for saving the day! We got home (with a stop at Apple Hill) with no further problems at all.

Vivian K.Yelp Review

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